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Teeth Whitening Toothpaste with Active Oxygen Microparticles to provide Immediate Results.

TheSmileShopPh handpicked a new way to whiten your teeth. The number one whitening toothpaste from Europe.

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Yotuel All in One Toothpaste is your daily oral hygiene with active oxygen microparticles that provide immediate results by removing stains from smoking, coffee,or tea. A high level of xylitol will keep your teeth healthy, strong and white.

Yotuel also contains the right fluoride percentage to prevent cavities and includes potassium to protect against sensitivity.

Yotuel has won the prestigious Pure Beatuy award in the UK for the best dental product 2010.

Yotuel is the first daily use toothpaste that features the same unique, patented whitening formula used at dental clinics. It includes a professional whitening agent and active ingredients to re-mineralise enamel, enabling us to whiten and repair teeth at the same time.

Studies have shown that after use, teeth were found harder, healthier and whiter.


TheSmileShopPh Introductory Price: P750.00/75ml tube

TheSmileShop's Restorative Lip Serum - New Look!

You want your lips to be luscious, sexy,sweet, and even maybe a little naughty. You want them to be irrisistible, look no further TheSmileShop's Restorative Lip Serum will be available soon at TheOptionsPh.

The unique liquid formula is made from 100% natural botanical extracts, that absorbs quickly to instantly give you soft, smooth lips with no waxy feel.

Plus this lip serum is infused with a deep-penetrating moisturizer to help your lips look and feel great.

Restorative Lip Serum will make your lipstick or gloss stay longer and look better. Nothing beats lips that are soft, plump and healthy-looking!

Nothing to Hide:

TheSmileShop’s Restorative Lip Serum is made from 100% natural botanical extracts. People-tested (moms, dads and kids). Patient-approved Formula! No mineral oil. No Petroluem.

Actual Feedbacks:

" Thx so much for ur restorative lip seum. My lips is very smooth. It makes lipstick application perfect. Maybe I'll order plenty of it soon. :))"

" Thank you so much for the smooth transaction, I was surprised at the speed my lips are recovering, a span of 3 days, lips didn't chap anymore even if I put lipstick on, I soo love the serum,"

" I soooo love the Burt's Bees lip balm but my favorite is the Restorative Lip Serum!! =)"

" .. i love the lip serum and the different lip tints/gloss that the shop reccommends.. (^_^) THANK YOU SO MUCH.. now my friends are trying it out for themselves.."

".. i love the restorative lip seruM.. from the first time i used it i love the results.. and i can really see the difference...

When we go back to schooL after summer break.. i'll be recomending this to my friends.. (^_^) thank you so much "

Here at TheSmileShop we want you know which products we love, make us happy, give us warm fuzzy feelings, and which we use ourselves. Quality products are not just about how much they cost, and some personal picks can be a low-cost product. It's all about getting you the chance to see for yourself how the product works.

TheSmileShop Philippines recently was a TOP BRAND awardee as 2011 Most Outstanding Teeth Whitening and Lip Care Products Provider

Mineral-Rich ToothPowder with Pure Xylitol - in New Handy Bottle plus 5 grams More!

TheSmileShop's bestseller Mineral-Rich ToothPowder is now in new, handy, light weight, recylable bottle! The same ToothPowder plus 5grams more at the same pocket-friendly price (P195.00).

Each spherical powder bead delivers a sweet, cool, melt-in-your-mouth freshness! Non-foaming (SLS-free), flouride-free, sugar-free goodness in handy, lightweight bottle, customized for Xylitol Lovers!

What does it do?

- contains 60% by weight pure xylitol granules that fights cavities, reduces dry mouth, and freshens breath longer.

- contains natural minerals to strengthen tooth enamel, while removing stubborn plaque deposits.

- suitable for sensitive teeth.

- whitens & cleans teeth gently, thoroughly and naturally.

- perfect whitening toothpaste alternative.

How to Use:

1. Full Strength Powder :: Wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, dab on toothpowder and brush as usual.
*** this will not foam, you will notice increase in saliva while brushing, this is normal, Xylitol is an oral moisturizer.

2. ToothPowder and Toothpaste:: Wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, smear a light coat of toothpaste on top of toothbrush and dab on ToothPowder. Brush as usual.
***this will power-up your regular toothpaste.

3. Melt-in-your-Mouth:: dump few granules in your mouth and let it melt on your tongue, swish, spit and rinse.
***this is the quickest way to refresh, and reduce mouth bacteria when toothbrushing is not possible.

TRY a Bottle, You'll understand!

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